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Ann Coulter’s latest weekly column is now posted at PTBC as usual.  So far no liberals have commented.  No liberals have emailed me, and no liberals have threatened my life in any way. Has the new season of Oprah started?

Her column speaks to the callous deceit of liberals and their news media.  Here’s a snippet that I enjoyed:

Everything is “classified” at the CIA. They have no idea when 19 terrorists are about to hijack commercial aircraft and slaughter 3,000 Americans, but the CIA is very good at play-acting James Bond spy games.

How covert was Valerie Plame at the CIA? Her top-secret code name was “Valerie Plame.”

We’ve also posted our latest Mike Adams column.  It’s a rather unusual one for him.  It’s not all fun—it’s very, very touching.  And you’ll want to have a link to a book, and here it is:

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist  – by author: Norman Geisler

Barbara Kay’s latest won’t generate the nearly 300 PTBC reader-comments that her last two (related) columns generated, but it does speak favorably of Jews, so liberal-leftists and Quebecers will be unsettled by that and will at least grumble audibly. 

…and then there’s more!  Anthony Oluwatoyin and Jennifer Roback Morse and John Stossel and….

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