I thought boys had periods too

Toronto Star — For shame, handbook of the woke left! Maybe the Staroids (not to be confused with steroids) are just so excited about this latest Big Government maternal nanny-state program that they forgot their wokeshit. (My highlighting of “girls,” etc., below.)

Free menstrual products coming to Ontario schools, Education Minister Stephen Lecce announces

Some six million menstrual products will be provided free of charge each year to Ontario schools as part of a three-year program announced Friday by Education Minister Stephen Lecce following pressure from youth leaders and boards.

The move — which some school boards have already implemented, as early as 2019 — addresses growing awareness about “period poverty,” where girls don’t have access to, or can’t afford, pads and tampons, and that interferes with their ability to take part in sports and activities or even attend school. …

Even the fact that it’s actually private enterprise footing the bill doesn’t dampen their excitement. Turns out Shoppers Drug Mart is paying for the girls’ menstrual products (well actually, boys and girls, “and those who menstruate,” if I understand the left-wing’s very special “science” correctly).

In their excitement, they not only forgot their wokemanners, they may also be overlooking the fact that this is surely a big win for evil Big Tampon. Watch for NDP leader Jagmeet Singh to call for the nationalization of all tampon and feminine napkin (and of course masculine napkin) manufacturers after he’s (or whatever pronoun “they” use) done with the banks, housing, news media, and automotive sectors.

And here comes your “EMPOWER” and “INCLUSIVE” — words required, according to the Woke Style Sheet, to be used in every sentence, by all woke folk, leftists, and members of the cult, at least once every ten words (and nota bene the additional use of “girls,” here. And “women!” But not “boys.” Or “men.”):

… “This agreement will help remove barriers for women and girls by allowing them to access products at school, free of charge. It is another important way that we are helping to build more inclusive schools that empower all girls to have the confidence to succeed.” …

Not very inclusive or empowering of boys or men or other “people who menstruate.”

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