I ever-so solemnly #StandWithaSign

Weren’t we finally done with this moronic style of grade-school-level social media virtue-signaling in the early 2010s? Wasn’t it laughed out of existence? #BecauseStupid

I guess this is a reminder to never throw away your out-of-fashion clothes or change that mullet look. #StandWithMullets

Doing this virtuous sign thing is literally a self-own, as the cool kids would say. It is literally a declaration that you’re a dumb-ass. About two seconds after Nancy Pelosi and dumb-dumbs like AOC started holding up these virtue-signal hashtag signs the mocking and sometimes hilarious photoshopped replacement sign-making began. Perhaps nothing beats the grand performance of Michelle Obama, what with her Extremely Sad Face™ in this piece of performative art, complete with “prayers” which I think won an #Emmy, a #Pulitzer, a #Tony, a #NobelPeacePrize, and an #Oscar:

It’s like they’re trying to prove I’m right. Just #lastFriday I wrote about how unserious this government is. “…[N]ever being serious is now literally how we roll in Canada — now with more woke! — and in every other unserious nation and failed banana republic.” #imWithStupid

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