How liberals think - example 2,860

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The Article

This is what liberals think would attract the best and brightest to our country, solidify strong Canadian family values, instill a high moral conscience, and move Canada forward.  This is how liberals think.  This is what liberals quixotically call “progressive”.  And make no mistake:  were prostitution to be legalized in our country as many Liberals and Layton’s you’ve got to be kidding party are fighting for, liberals wouldn’t fold their tent at that.  It’s all about the “progress”.  According to the church of liberalism

From the liberals’ Globe and Mail (online) and its liberal readership this morning

After decades of social engineering and subsidy programs and grants and “sponsorship” and that infernal big benevolent liberal government brother image logo, liberals appointing other liberals to positions ranging from the seemingly insignificant staffer all the way up to the supreme leader of the land, and then naturally allowing them to hire others in their own image for decades, including in liberal academia (all state-owned and operated), a liberal state-run media networks created for and catering to liberal-leftists and far-leftists, liberals dominating every Canadian government bureaucracy, division, secretariat, ministry, crown corporation, regulatory body, and every other crack and crevice in the fabric of Canada that they could stuff a liberal into, and finally a liberal-obedient (see logo above) and ever so trendy liberal private media run by and staffed by liberals and far-left liberals, we get what the liberals call “the desired result”.


(Hat tip to Don-t Want To)

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