This reminds me of the Coulterism which goes something like this:  Show a liberal a photo of Saddam Hussein and one of George W. Bush, and the liberal will point to Bush as the evil one. 

The liberal-left blogosphere and their life partners in the media have been trying their collectivist hardest this week to arrange for a narrative to emerge about former Stephen Harper adviser Tom Flanagan.  The narrative they prefer is that Flanagan, a non-liberal, should be fed to the lions (figuratively…?…. yeah I guess I’ll give ‘em that) over his tepid, glib remark about whether the deadly dangerous Wikileaks’ Julian Assange should be “assassinated”. 

He did this this week on the state-owned media, the CBC, which adds to the confusion because of course the CBC should be assassinated. 

Two great, quick reads on it for you today, which should end the discussion. 

First, in what is likely the most well-written and intellectually honest piece (as is his habit) you’ll ever read on the matter, “our” columnist David Warren, today:

Matters of life and death

It has been argued that those who would consider the assassination of Julian Assange, because he has effectively become an

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