Good morning Canada!  And let me start by warning that this blog entry requires a picayune alert!  (I do this for the purpose of making Vancouver Sun editors and “journalists” click to look up the word picayune, and maybe while they’re there, ironically.)

Saying that actor Steve Carell is playing a new role in a new TV show set in a post office (since it’s “post” his show “The Office”, see, and since he once actually worked at an actual post office, see), is not “ironic”.  It’s coincidental, at best.  It’s really just a fun fact and wordplay.

Oh the name of the paper — The Vancouver Sun — is sort of ironic, given that the sun is not what one usually associates with Vancouver (except that today is gloriously sunny).  And the fact that it’s not very bright.  The paper, I mean.  The weather is very bright!

And speaking of “post”, it’s also ironic that a paper loaded up with editors, and which promotes the bejesus out of the newly renamed Postmedia Canspell Spelling Bee every year, as well as literacy as a general matter —doesn’t know the meaning of the word “ironic.”  But aside from that, it is what we are coming to expect graduating out of our fabulous government-owned and government run public schools which seems to spend more time advocating for “green” and “gay” and “social justice,” et alia, than teaching math and spelling and (actual) history and our Judeo-Christian heritage and capitalism and free-market economics, these days. 

And don’t even get me started again on “which begs the question”.
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