Hey Dems, look at your beloved liberal Canada’s citizenship questions

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The Article

Dems pretend it’s “racist” to ask what citizenship U.S. residents are, because of course they do. Anyone, like you or me, who says or thinks something that is politically to the right of what they say or think, is a racist. Therefore, for example, we find this week that the very progressive liberal-left Democrat, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is a racist, according to Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat, who is even more progressive or left-wing than Pelosi. This is not based on the citizenship question, about which they agree, but rather on utterly nothing. No really, AOC’s charge is literally based on nothing but a stupid disagreement. But that’s what they do.

And even though Nancy Pelosi deserves this delicious, wonderful comeuppance since she engages in the BS too (such as implying that President Trump is a white supremacist because he wanted to ask the citizenship question), she is not actually an overt racist, as you know. Trump graciously agreed, today.

(When being called a racist or sexist, I have made assertions in the past indicating that leftists are in fact the ones who are racist and sexist. Among other reasons, this is true in the context of their policies on minorities and women, which are premised on their abject bigotry of low expectations. Learn this about good normal people including conservatives, leftists: when challenged unfairly and based on lies and totalitarian BS, we will fight back, asymmetrically, and without regard to fairness or niceties. It’s a God-given right to defend ourselves and our freedom of thought and expression, and it’s a responsibility to do so.)

In Canada, where most or all liberals and leftists are similarly dishonest and just as totalitarian, they regularly call conservatives “racists.” Like Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does, or implies, presumably as his way of demonstrating his great regard for unity and sunnyness. It’s just as much an outrageous lie and sign of intellectual inferiority here as it is in the U.S.A.

Dems don’t want the citizenship question asked in the next census (even though it’s been asked many times before) because it will reveal the extent of their farce — the Dems’ illegal alien problem which is the calamitous result of their stupid vote-getting policies of old; and moreover, exposes their worse new policies, shared amongst all the Democratic candidates for president, which veer very close to open borders, thus leading to the end of America and then of course Canada too.

Much the same open borders lunacy exists amongst many leftists here, but in Canada, we’ve been asking about citizenship for a hundred years. It’s no more a real problem here than in the USA. The Canadian long form census questions is: “Of what country is this person a citizen?” and it is a multiple choice question: “Canada, by birth,” “Canada, by naturalization” or “Other country — specify.” And all sorts of specific questions about race are in there too.

So by that logic Canada is racist. Justin Trudeau, like Donald trump, is a racist. And Every Liberal is a racist. Isn’t this fun?

Of course now that Pelosi and the other leftist liars have brought it up, Canadian liberals or leftists reading this may immediately call for it to stop here too, citing “racism.” Watch for it. Bet on it.

Canada’s leftists, those ever so “woke” progressives, have so far managed to use peer-pressure and bullying and groupthink idiocy to change our own census moving forward. Back in good old 2016, the census asked the sex question in a straightforward, scientific way: What sex are you, male or female?:

In the next “sunny ways” Canadian census, the questionnaire will not simply ask about people’s sex, it will instead purportedly include the term “sex at birth”, and ask a new question about gender. You know, like what gender do you feel like you are?, and presumably will list dozens of choices. And as if I had to tell you, if you don’t agree with all this — no I mean actually embrace it — you’re a “transphobe” and a “bigot” and worse; and you shall be shunned by them and all those who are afraid of them, you may be deplatformed by Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, you may even lose your job, you may never get government grants from a Liberal government, and your life and that of your family may devolve into tatters. This, as a Canadian citizen, living in what they think is their country.

Racist my ass.

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