Dennis Prager: “Everything the left touches it ruins.” Apparently they touch themselves.

Dennis Prager column, July 16, 2019: “We All Wanted to Love the Women’s Soccer Team”:

“…What we have here is yet another example of perhaps the most important fact in the contemporary world: Everything the left touches it ruins.”

Dennis Prager (we used to post his column here at PTBC) is talking about women’s soccer, and how the U.S. team’s Megan Rapinoe, the vulgar leftist blowhard who leads the wrecking crew, wrecked it for at least half of America who now won’t give it the time of day. But clearly they wrecked the interests of women’s soccer too, to at least some considerable degree — especially financially, speaking of the devil. They certainly didn’t advance it or make progress. So that’s a weird play.

Rapinoe wrecked women’s soccer, but more too: she repulsed people on a more personal level and so wrecked her own reputation and career, by turning at least half of America against her and her team. Another stupid play. She needs some coaching.

The rest of the team blithely joined in and helped wreck it all. Even if they didn’t win, gaining support for their team and their cause might have been an easy win. But they did win, and then they gave the game away.

If only they’d kept their big ugly leftist fingers off of themselves and behaved with some modicum of decorum they’d be making huge progress in their lives and in their careers, and for the business of women’s soccer. But now it’s the reverse, setting women’s soccer back enormously. That’s teamwork of a perverse kind.

Yet this, they on the left are all saying without any sense of irony, is a demonstration of being “progressive.”

Maybe Dennis Prager is just too classy to say it because of the innuendo, but they should stop touching themselves.

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