Handy Headlines For May 17 2006

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The Article

Notice the different adjectives used in these stories to describe Stephen Harper’s reaction to Gwyn Morgan being rejected by the opposition for the proposed public appointments commission.

From CTV:

Harper scraps commission idea after setback

Watch the video clip of Robert Fife – according to Mr. Fife, Stephen Harper is in a “snit.”

…Prime Minister Stephen Harper is scrapping the idea of a new public appointments commission after opposition MPs rejected his nominee to chair it.
…However, an NDP MP pronounced herself puzzled by Harper’s reaction over the vote against Gwyn Morgan.

“It seems like he’s taking his bat and ball and going home. …,’’ said Peggy Nash. (the Toronto NDP MP who put forward the motion to reject Morgan)

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From the Red Star:

Harper walks away from key plan

…Instead, a frustrated Harper was forced to walk away yesterday from a key part of his own clean-up-government plan, when opposition parties banded together and nixed his pick for a head of public appointments.

..In a decision that’s akin to throwing out the baby with the bath water, Harper said the idea of an appointments commission was essentially dead.
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Editorial: Harper’s petulance

…If Harper believes his appointments committee is worthwhile, then it is incumbent upon him to nominate another chair, one who this time inspires some confidence among MPs.

…Otherwise, his decision to kill the commission is just a petulant move by a rigid Prime Minister who has suffered his first big political rebuff since assuming power.

…It is the equivalent of the kid on the playground who whines that if he cannot get his own way, then he is taking his ball and going home.

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From our Friends at the CBC:

MPs reject Harper’s accountability appointment

…Amid concerns about his views on immigrants, members of a House of Commons committee have rejected Stephen Harper’s nominee to head a new review board for public appointments.

Listen to Susan Bonner’s report.

According to Ms. Bonner, the decision was a “Shocker” and Harper’s killing of the commission was “drastic.” Bonner also says that Stephen Harper is “ready to fight an election” over the issue.

Read the Rest Here

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