Former Lib Finance Minister attacks Trudeau/Singh/Lib/NDPs’ stylish economic policies

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The Article

I used the word “attacks” in my headline because you know full well if it were currently a Conservative government and a former Conservative lashed out on a Conservative regime, the Globe and Mail would likely call it “A Devastating Attack,” possibly followed by “Deep Split Forming In Conservative Ranks” which, they might add, will no doubt “End The Conservative Movement For Generations,” possibly “Because They Are So Stupid.” (And just to make their obvious giddiness more fully ridiculous, they’d put an apostrophe before the s in Generations as if to tease our sense of irony or understanding of the word “stupid.”)

As it was, today they gently informed us in their headline that former Finance Minister Bill Morneau “calls out” the Liberals. They describe the situation gingerly, by letting us know Morneau “delivered a pointed critique…” And in case you were wondering, aside from this minor incursion against their otherwise flawless record of perfection, and the flawless record of “news” media propagating their propaganda and their woke narrative, there is absolutely no doubt that the Liberals are still super-duper in every way, and nothing’s wrong besides this (no split, no generational forboding, everything else is cool, man!).

Except that everything’s actually going wrong. He’s “calling out” the Liberals for basically wrecking the place in the very most fundamental way. Fundamental is his word.

In a remarkable turn, the former Finance Minister (reminder: former because he was caught up in the WE scandal, which is yet another bit of ethical breach this otherwise perfectly flawless Liberal government has caused with no small amount of help from Morneau himself) Morneau criticized the Trudeau/Singh Liberal/NDP coalition over its dangerously stupid economic policy (“dangerously stupid” are my words, but fact-check: it’s true).


Mr. Morneau, finance minister in the Liberal government from 2015 to 2020, echoed the concerns of business leaders who have urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to focus on expanding the Canadian economy, rather than rolling out tax-and-spend initiatives.

Wow. “[R]olling out tax-and-spend initiatives” …that’s their whole thing! It’s literally what Liberals and the more extreme-left NDP (now with more extreme!) live for. It’s what they do!

The eviscerating doesn’t end there. This next quote is a beauty. It literally smashes the whole concept of progressive and socialist economics (AKA “Liberal” economics today) that the Trudeau/Singh coalition is embarked upon! Watch!

“So much time and energy was spent on finding ways to redistribute Canada’s wealth that there was little attention given to the importance of increasing our collective prosperity[.]”

“Redistributing wealth,” which is the sine qua non of socialist policy and which is currently being engineered by these “progressives,” is, again, their whole point of living. It’s why they get up in the morning by 10 or 11 instead of 12 PM and hop into their limo to get to work, fully masked in a stylish (though utterly useless according to scientists) black cloth rag.

Now, I have qualms even with Morneau’s seemingly anti-socialist hot take, because as a conservative I abhor the notion that The Government’s job is to “increase our collective prosperity.” I believe that’s each of our jobs individually, and it’s the job of the government to get the hell out of our damned way; and to the extent that they have to engage in proactive work in this regard at all, it’s to get other things (like state-owned and state-run entities and nations, rules and regulations and taxes) out of our damned way. But still.

Indeed he spoke to one of the very tenets of conservative economic policy — which, it turns out, as so many conservative tenets do, is fundamental to a nation’s success, when he says:

“There is no real sense of urgency in Ottawa about our lack of competitiveness,” said Mr. Morneau. “It’s not that this is one of the big problems facing Canada’s economy, it’s that this is our fundamental problem. Nothing else is solvable if we don’t put this issue first.”

If it’s a fundamental problem within our government’s economic thinking and planning, which by definition has a huge impact on our very existence as a viable nation, then this is less a matter of a split in the Liberal Party (though it is that), than a far bigger and more important (actually important) problem: it’s an existential crisis facing Canada as a nation, isn’t it? (It is certainly “collective” in that regard!) And it’s being caused by the Liberals and the NDP and by progressives more generally (by which we should remember that alas, the Conservative Party too, is replete with them). This is a thing you’d think the “news” media would be interested in quite a bit more. You know, rather than “fact-checking” the Conservatives every time they say words. Or both fact-checking and wagging their finger at those who reveal truths about media group-think or outright lies, or at those who have good, albeit heterodox, ideas.

Morneau hits the nail on the head when the Globe said “he devoted a considerable amount of his 20-minute address to problems with a partisan political process that favours style over substance.”

Nothing else comes as close to so succinctly describing the Justin Trudeaus and Jagmeet Singhs of this world — progressives and the woke left writ large — than that statement. Not just on economics, but on gun control, law and order more generally, climate change, [fill in the blank]-“justice,” the Wuhan Virus response with its still ongoing facemask exhibition of idiocy, and so much else. Almost everything else they do and say, really.

“Style over substance.” It’s potentially wrecking Canada, as I interpret Bill Morneau to be warning us and them, and by logical extension, it’s at your cost — your expense — and that of your family and your nation, and it’s all because of a quest for personal and political power. Over you. That’s quite a “style.”

Vote liberal. Get more of this.

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