Justin Trudeau for Congress

It’s a wonder Justin Trudeau isn’t mocked and belittled by his fellow progressives given how he seems so attached to America. The USA seems to be his muse. And yet as we have all come to know about the Liberals, the NDP, Greens, and all progressives including the Socialist Party and Communist Party, they hate them some America. Hate it. Everything America stands for. Its culture, its economic model, its businesses, its wealth, its power, its focus on individuality instead of “the collective,” its innate sense of personal responsibility (waning in blue states though it is), its success, its military — everything.

But their guy Trudeau takes his every cue from America. I’m not even talking about how Canada relies to almost every extent on the US for its own defense, as Canada has now all but officially defunded its own military (because… what? It’s not worth defending anymore? Ask him. No seriously, “news” media, ASK HIM). Nor how Canada’s culture is tied in near lockstep to the culture in the USA in most ways; nor how Canada totally relies on — and then just simply copies — its guidance on all monetary and fiscal policy; nor for our being in such proximity that everything we do and say sounds exactly like American, or any of that.

No, it’s the political things that are downstream from culture, like when the abortion debate heats up in the US, at which point Trudeau robotically ramps up his pro-abortion rhetoric in Canada, promising unrelenting, unbridled abortions, free for all women at any time in any pregnancy, even up to the moment of birth, for any reason or no reason whatsoever. (Sorry — I said “women.” I meant “birthing people” — because as we now know from American wokesters, and certainly Trudeau has learned this about peoplekind, men can now have babies too — through their penises — according to The Woke Science. (Or is it peni?))

The Wall Street Journal editorial board noticed (here’s a free link):

Justin Trudeau Runs for Congress

The Canadian Prime Minister can’t get enough of U.S. politics.

By The Editorial Board
Updated June 1, 2022 6:57 pm ET


One of the oddities of Canadian politics is that its Liberal Party politicians so often sound like they’re running for office in the U.S. And, right on time this week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that he wants to ban the sale of handguns and confiscate so-called assault weapons via a mandatory buyback.


The timing is no coincidence, as Mr. Trudeau is responding to the U.S. debate over guns and mass shootings. Apparently Canadian politics is too boring, or parochial, or something, because he also vowed to defend abortion rights after the draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked. He even made a show of kneeling at a Black Lives Matter rally in June 2020…

The Wall Street Journal was left wondering if he was actually trying to please American progressives more than Canadian.

…if he wants to influence U.S. politics, we recommend he emigrate and run for Congress. He and Democrat Beto O’Rourke could campaign together in Texas.

I think he and AOC have a lot in common too. And AOC’s New York would be far more welcoming to this effete little man, than Texas.

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