“Don’t Bother Reading” Turns Into Good Read

I was all set to NOT read this “expert” analysis, since the headline basically warned me that it’s all nonsense anyway.

Turns out it’s a good read (heh… I read it even after my snarky ‘tude said “don’t bother hahaha!”) on how the warnings from “experts” have almost always been utterly wrong. Sometimes hideously wrong. Sometimes complete opposite-style wrong.

And sometimes those “expert” wrong opinions change the direction of entire countries, lifestyle, and economies —needlessly, while causing enormous disruption in what might otherwise be tremendous progress and societal advancement.

And it’s a reminder to take all the “expert” (OK I’ll stop with the scare quotes now) advice — on all matters — with a huge grain of salt, especially, but not limited to, expert advice which your Spidey Senses tell you may have a political edge or ideological tinge to it. Like, be careful when you take expert advice to not bother to wear a mask during the spread of a virulent pandemic, by, say, wearing a mask to protect your health; and while your aunt and grandad are being sent to the hospital with the Wuhan China Communist virus, maybe go ahead and close your borders to Chinese travellers from Wuhan despite the expert advice telling you that “viruses don’t cross borders.” Or, say, not completely change your whole way of life and upset your whole global economy on a promise of “90% agreement by all the experts” of a definitely for sure looming “climate emergency.” Etc.

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