Do you turn into a-holes after we elect you, or were you already?

Progressives in action on hot mic: Once again showing their respect, building trust in institutions, and building unity in the nation. So much humility.

One elected official, complaining about a parent who had previously offered some online criticism, said “Bitch if you call me out, I’m gonna fuck you up.” And then the other board members laugh uproariously at that violent threat against a parent.

The petition to dump them is growing well past the 1,000 signatures the petitioners hoped to get.

Kudos to ABC News in San Francisco California and others for not spiking this story of elitist a-holery among elected school board members.

Watch the video:

Lisa Brizendine is endorsed by the Oakley Union Teachers Association and (then) Oakley’s Vice Mayor (now Mayor) Sue Higgins, among others. Sue Higgins was endorsed by

  • Democratic Party of Contra Costa County
  • East Contra Costa Democratic Club
  • Contra Costa AFL-CIO

So, by left-wing activists and left-wing union activists.

Kim (“Bitch I’m gonna fuck you up”) Beede is also endorsed by the Oakley Union Teacher’s Association. So, same.

Richie Masadas – I can’t find any information. He seems to have been appointed by the other members.

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