Democrats (?) attempt Jeffrey Epstein – Bill Clinton Wikipedia history edit


Has all of tech and the internet and news media now joined the civil service and reduced itself to some “deep state”-like left-wing revisionist, propaganda, censorship and enforcer divisions?

You know that Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia, and can be edited by anyone. This can be good if done in good faith, and bad if not. Well edit they did, when Jeffrey Epstein was arrested. It was not a good faith deal.

You know that every news reporter and columnist immediately went to Wikipedia to find out who this guy was. There they’d find he was friends with lots of famous people like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

The original entry — the one you’d find when he was most recently arrested — had solid, cited references to Epstein’s friendship with Bill Clinton, who, it indicated, had flown on Epstein’s private “Lolita Express” aircraft 26 times (yeah — 26 times, for some reason, a bunch of serious questions about which are swirling around in my head, and should be in yours, and in every “journalist’s”).

News outlets didn’t report all that, nor the part about Trump banning Epstein from Mar-a-Lago years ago for hitting on a young lady. They reported almost exclusively about Epstein’s “friendship” with Donald Trump, leaving out Bill Clinton’s name for the most part. Because that’s what they do.

But just like the news reports themselves, two hours later, whoosh, all that Wikipedia information about Bill Clinton vanished, with only a reference to Epstein being friends with Donald Trump remaining. Kinda like the news itself.

So that’s quite bad. At last glance, the Wikipedia page showed the original information, so that’s good. But this is all pretty instructive.

You can check the edits here:

Let’s monitor this and see how it ends up.

I could write the world’s longest list of horrible journalism-be-damned media articles demonstrating their abject bias regarding this story, but here’s a good example of journalism-be-damned propaganda: After reading that Clinton flew on the guy’s plane 26 times, it’s clear that Clinton thought the guy was pretty terrific, right? Even if he only flew one time on his jet, he’s got to be a pretty terrific guy. Thus MSNBC’s headline: “Jeffrey Epstein, called ‘terrific’ by Trump, charged with sex trafficking.”

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