CTV News posts photo of Doug Ford with graffiti “L” on forehead, a moustache, and devil horns?

What the hell is going on here? Who did this?


I’m a little stumped by this. I was away for a while — am I missing something? Maybe I missed a key piece of “context,” and I’m missing an obviously funny joke or something, but I’m pretty objectively sure the context isn’t very self-evident here (I did an image search on Google, even). Or is this CTV News doing this to a photo of Doug Ford? Is it their guest, Proof Strategies’ Greg MacEachern who supplied the photo to CTV who then in turn deemed it appropriate to use on a serious CTV News Twitter tweet?

I’ve let this sit for a while in case they deleted it and offered an explanation. But nothing has been forthcoming.

Whatever the story, it’s a pretty bad one. Unprofessional to the nth. Pretty biased and unobjective but that doesn’t shock me. Pretty childish and even if it was a childish prank gone wrong by a bunch of drunk or high-on-pot kids who work the CTV News Twitter desk, it was a pretty damned irresponsible mistake. Seems to breach major tenets of journalism.

I still like to think I must be missing something. I kinda hope I am!

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