CTV News plays politics with Virus news.

It doesn’t even mention President Trump in the “news” story, but that didn’t stop what I can only imagine are hipster 23-year-old Bernie Bros, who apparently dominate CTV News, from tweeting that Trump was to blame for all the world’s markets going down today. “World shares slump after Trump announcement on virus plans,” they tweeted, based on no evidence whatsoever. They were purposely misinforming you for what I can only imagine are blatant partisan political purposes.

Read the story and do a search for the name “Trump.” Won’t find it. So whoever tweeted that garbage didn’t even bother reading their own (Canadian Press) story before rushing to presume to blame Donald Trump. In fact there’s literally no mention of the presidential news conference held yesterday, in which Trump spoke to the American response plans. It’s completely made-up garbage. Even if they did mention it, it would be totally false, based only on pure assumptions and guesses — maybe wishful thinking — but certainly not on any facts or evidence or reliable sources.

Nothing I heard or read in the dozens of outlets I read and watched today said anything like what the junior politicians at CTV said. Not even trash channel CNN. Not even the state-owned CBC! On other channels, like the American business channel CNBC, they said nothing like what CTV reported in that tweet, in fact, amusingly, quite the opposite, as I tweeted later:

Hear that, Bernie Bros? “Bernie Sanders racking up delegates” was given as one of the reasons for the market fall by that actual stock market expert, not “Trump.” (And by the way, none of the other panelists disagreed.)

CTV later tweeted about the markets again and posted another story. They simply wrote: “WATCH LIVE: The New York Stock Exchange continues to fall amid fears over the the spread of the new coronavirus.” Apparently the hipsters were out on a vape break and an adult was at the tweet desk filling in.

In related news today, CTV’s parent company, BCE, saw its stock drop precipitously. This is probably not because of those asses’ tweet. Nor, I can assure you, is it “because Trump.”

It’s all pretty frustrating because I watch CTV for Canadian news to avoid the awful state-owned CBC. And then I get this crap. Sad!

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