imageLaptops with WiFi were invented for days like this—when you can’t get out of bed because every atom in your body aches and you can’t breathe and can’t stop coughing and it hurts when you cough, whine…

… and yet you… must… bloggg….

I may have picked this up from running around snapping photos of crocuses without a coat on over the weekend (and proudly blogging about it here)… egg joins snot on face… once again very full of praise for the fabulous COSTCO purchase of approximately 749 boxes of the fantastic Puffs brand of kleenex with lotionLOTION I tell you! (Yeah I blogged about that, here, just last December when I last had this disease)… 

At least I don’t have this malady  (hat tip to Lorna… hi Lorna)

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