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The Article

Interesting blog entry from “The Black Rod this past weekend, regarding those recent anti-Iraq war protests.  (Hat tip Ross M.)

[…] Anti-war marches across Canada, the U.S. and Europe drew pathetic “crowds.” In Winnipeg a mere 75 protestors showed up at City Hall (according to CJOB) with barely 200 anti-everything marchers wending their way through downtown. In Toronto, a thousand protestors turned out, a far, far cry from the estimated 25,000 three years ago.

Even worse than the turnout was the reporting. The daily newspapers in Winnipeg both quoted the official spokesmen for the protests, Darrel Rankin and Glenn Michalchuk, without, as usual, mentioning the Communist credentials of the men. Rankin is the leader of the Communist Party in Manitoba and Michalchuk ran for office under the Marxist-Leninist banner.

While Free Press columnists don’t hesitate to attack Christians who run for office or get involved in politics, apparently Communists get a free pass. […]

Nope.  The media isn’t hideously biased toward the far left and secular outfield.

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