CCPA – a socialist advocacy group, offers socialist classroom propaganda – with the aid of teachers union

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The Article

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (where the “Alternative” they speak of is actually socialism, but they purposely don’t say it out loud because they’re Fabian socialists) is touting socialist “climate justice” propaganda for teachers to use in their classrooms.


CCPA-logoThis indoctrination scheme was created in concert with the far-left BC Teachers Federation, which, as anybody who has been paying attention knows, is nothing short of a militant left-wing public-sector union division of the socialist NDP in Canada. (I don’t think even they would deny that description – in fact they might wear it proudly.)

Let’s be completely clear: The CCPA is an overtly socialist political advocacy group, as we see it in our sane, eyes-wide-open minds. 512px-Red_stylized_fist.svgThey hilariously claim not to be a political group, but all they do is advocate for transformation of our nation – its economy and its entire social policy, and its politics generally, to that of a socialist nation. They use all the code-words of the extreme left: aside from the aforementioned “alternative” there is “progressive,” “social justice” and “climate justice,” and “redistribution” (of wealth), and they constantly stress “equality” in all things including incomes and wealth. In case you haven’t been paying attention for the last 20 years, these concepts are literally the language of the extreme-left – the socialist.

Here’s an excerpt from their email sent out this morning in which they glibly prattle on about a new socialist indoctrination of our kids in our public schools, under the glorious heading of “Lessons for Transformation” – by which they mean the socialist revolution they are pursuing and want your children to pursue:

Climate Justice in BC:
Lessons for Transformation

Since 2007, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Climate Justice Project has been researching the two great inconvenient truths of our time: climate change and rising inequality.

In order to address these problems, however, we need to ensure that they’re well understood by all British Columbians. That’s why we’ve designed a curriculum for students in grades 8–12, which explores climate justice within the context of BC’s communities, history, economy and ecology.

Today, together with the BC Teachers’ Federation, we’re proud to launch, which offers free classroom-ready materials, developed by teacher Ryan Cho. The lessons—which are divided into eight modules—tie into subject matter and prescribed learning outcomes (PLOs) already in BC’s curriculum, while providing a framework to unpack modern social and environmental issues, such as our industrial food system, consumerism and waste, transportation, and the development of a green economy.

So if you’re a teacher looking to include climate justice concepts into your classes, a student hoping to learn more about sustainability and equality, a parent who wants to equip your children with the skills to meaningfully address the important issues of our time, or a community member interested in a healthier and better-informed democracy – this is for you.

Visit to check out the curriculum.

When you check out the “lesson plans,” or what sane people would call their socialist propaganda and indoctrination, you find passages like this, which the teachers are instructed to read aloud to the children:

In short, to achieve sustainability with justice we will have to deliberately scale back the global economy (or at least reduce the throughput of energy and material) and consider means to redistribute ecological and economic wealth at national and local levels. … We do not face a technological challenge so much as a challenge of finding the political will to make change.

So yeah, this isn’t about socialist politics advocacy at all. For our children. In our public schools.

The various pages of the “lesson plan” are replete with links to other left-wing and far-left resource web sites, including those that warn the kids about the nefarious “deniers” – their word. You know who they are – they’re the “conservatives” – again, their word. “Deniers” is, as we all know, a politically-charged – and frankly fascist – term for people who aren’t buying into the “man-made global warming” theory’s hype. The message that these “deniers” put forth are variously described at this linked web site as “counterfactual denialist/hoax message[s].”  I’m not hoaxing you, folks! They teach the kids how to disarm “right-wingers” – yup, “right-wingers”  – and commentators “on Fox News,” when they dare to speak up about their skepticism regarding the man-made global warming hoax. Oh sorry I meant theory.

Who exactly is in charge of the curriculum in the classroom? Socialists at the CCPA and the extreme, militant-left BC Teachers Federation? Is this propaganda and left-wing indoctrination seriously allowed to occur? Is there no law against this? Is this the only remaining area upon which big, huge progressive governments haven’t yet slapped a massive regulatory and policy requirement regime and bureaucratic oversight?

Alas, as with so much of what we see in our daily lives in this country, which isn’t socialist enough for the CCPA and teachers and other extreme-leftists, we see this logo among others at the bottom of their indoctrination plans’ “funders” page:


It’s not enough that the CCPA and the unions are tax-exempt “charities”, but taxpayers further encourage socialism by directly funding this sort of crap.

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