Canadian News Editors: “Call It Anything But Liberal!”

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The Article

Just as the Liberal Party’s sponsorship corruption scandal became “Ottawa’s” “sponsorship” “affair,” (etc), I see where the liberal media has already started trying to develop all manner of diversionary and deflecting monikers for the Liberals’ latest corruption scandal.

Global News is tonight going with the “SNC-Lavalin affair,” eliminating any mention of “Liberal” or “scandal” or “corruption,” or “Trudeau,” any of a number of more accurate but damaging-to-the-Liberal-brand descriptions. (Solicitor-client privilege is at the heart of questions on SNC-Lavalin affair. Here’s how it works”). 

Radio station News1130 (Rogers) in Vancouver is doing the same, also joining in and calling it exactly the same thing — the “SNC-Lavalin affair.” Why it’s almost as if they are in some strange sort of cahoots. Lockstep. Like Liberal Party HQ is sending the memo around, and the media dutifully abeying in order to advance an agenda. Huh.

But don’t worry, no question of any collusion in this “affair.”

Joel Johannesen
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