Canada’s vaccine calamity; Still more delays now

The news reports are horrible. “…[S]hipments from Pfizer [to Canada] have been cut over five weeks, rather than four as previously announced.” So it’s even worse than it was yesterday, which was worse than the day before. But these are the paragraphs that stuck out to me:

“… Based on clinical trial data, a federal advisory panel said health officials can stretch the interval [between 1st and 2nd shots] up to 42 days. However, as more details emerge about new variants of the coronavirus, some researchers are concerned that holding back a second dose increases the odds a variant will slip through as the immunity from a first dose wanes. Instead of reducing infection rates, a delayed second dose could increase the risk.

“Essentially, you are experimenting on the entire population,” said Theodora Hatziioannou, a virologist at Rockefeller University in New York who has been studying vaccines’ ability to handle the variants.”

Trudeau constantly deflects on this — essentially lies — by telling us that we shouldn’t worry, in the end, Canada is still going to get all the doses it contracted to get, which is exactly not the point —and he knows it, rendering it the aforementioned lie (I do like to show my work). The point is that we need the vaccines now, not later, not delayed, not eventually, not “in the end.” Later could be worse than none at all, if I read the above correctly. And the whole vaccination program is already taking place slower and later in Canada than most other G7 countries. We’re in 21st place now.

I don’t suppose there’s much that can be done to speed things up now. But I won’t ever forget the root causes of this and I will keep my focus on reminding you: aside from governments all over the world at every level being the actual blame for all of this — the virus itself and the response to it including the vaccines roll-outs — Canada’s governance in particular has been a complete failure. We have no players in the pharmaceutical industry that are currently producing vaccines ready for our use, and that is a national security disaster. A failure of epic proportions. Canadian governments have failed on almost every level. We cannot accept this level of ineptitude any longer, nor accept their idiotic focus on funding global abortions and mandating correct gender pronouns, while Canadians die.

Trudeau has more cabinet ministers than any government in Canadian history. I think it may be time to shuffle them again, by shuffling almost all of them out the door. And create one new one called Ministry of Get Your Damn Shit Together.

Joel Johannesen
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