They miss the clue. Gamestop.

Stop the damn games, in case the unintentional built-in clue wasn’t already self-evident. It should be a pretty damned obvious message — if amazingly coincidental — directed toward all the self-anointed elites — a word I’m starting to hate, and not just because of its necessarily copious use to describe what’s at the root of so many of our problems.

Fox News Channel clued-in instantly (see feature photo and their articles) as did Glenn Greenwald, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, and others. Even me. But others, even when professionally reporting on this story still manage to miss the point.

The story is nothing if not an object lesson on the growing mistrust of institutions including the (mostly Democrats’) Wall Street division, which they protect at everyone else’s expense; the liberals’ Giant Corporations division, which are all in on it (particularly giant tech, these days, as we’ve seen); the increasingly corrupt and increasingly liberal or “progressive” governments which enable it all, often to their own personal and sometimes financial benefit; and the liberals’ news media division, which protect all of the above.

As if to prove it, those who presume to be within our “ruling class” (see above re words I’m sick of) can’t help but be condescending asses in their own news reports. Look how our betters at the Globe and Mail headlines their elitist story about it: if you’re not one of the favored Wall Street elites, you’re referred to as one of the “amateur online investors.” Get it? If you’re not in the favored class of pros, then you’re “amateurs.” Condescending much?

The news media need more of my help: “Amateurs are also known as “the people,” or “ordinary people.” They also need a little explanation about “amateurs.” For example, most investors — the entire retail segment — are you, and me, and your mom. Globe and Mail reporters and editors are all amateurs investors. (I am a former stockbroker, I admit, and currently a stock investor and trader, but the one benefit to me is that you Globe and Mail reporters can all just kiss my grits. I’m an elite. You’re mere amateurs.)

And here’s another tip: all investors, unless you’re 92 and don’t have a computer, are, aside from being “amateurs,” also “online investors.” I am an online investor. Nobody since 2005 except maybe your grandpa phones up his broker and places an order by phone — even a cellphone. They go online.

But this is just their way of instilling in your mind just who’s boss — who are the elites (spoiler it’s them not you), who are the plebeians (you!) — and they’re putting you in your place. How dare you! Back where you belong! This, despite the inherent obvious lessons about this popular revolt, which is what they’re supposedly reporting on. As propagandists and elitists, they’re total amateurs, by which I mean, as they do, total morons.

P.S. Speaking of elite asses and political nobs, as a free added bonus, watch how Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki answers/not-answers anything but the question posed by an apparently pretty clueless reporter yesterday. Psaki gets right to her more preferred, more important issue with this (amazingly) prepared answer (i.e., Psaki wrote down this answer) and she expected you to buy it on the news market. (I do not recommend this shitstock.)

All of this is at once disgusting and freaking hilarious, and nothing if not amateurish:


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