Today we do some more science.
Liberals will be against *this* science too. 

Per OurWorld Data: (to Feb 4 2021)

  • 2.6 vaccinations performed per 100 Canadians
  • 10.13 vaccinations performed per 100 Americans

The U.S. is doing nearly four times better than Canada.

I believe Canada is in 41st place in the world as of today if I counted that correctly.

Financial Post reporting with Bloomberg:

  • Israel, the country with the highest vaccination rate in the world, is headed for 75% coverage in just 2 months. The U.S. will get there just in time to ring in the 2022 New Year (though North Dakota could get there six months sooner than Texas).
  • …Based on Canada’s latest rate of inoculations it would take a 9.7 years to reach 75% coverage.

About ten months for the U.S., versus nearly ten years for Canada, which is nearly 12 times longer.

According to Daily Mail reporting:

  • [In the U.S.] “Daily cases have dropped 45 percent since the latest peak on January 11, according to data from the COVID-19 Tracking Project”

National Post on Canada

  • Canada has seen nearly a 30-per-cent drop in active COVID-19 cases over the past two weeks

U.S. cases have dropped almost 50% more than in Canada.

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