Brain poo oozes from state-run and a feminist professor

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The Article

Note that this is a “news” story on the state-run media’s web site.  Again, that’s “news”.  Which is meant to be taken seriously, you know, with no laughter. 

Notwithstanding that warning, what is presented here is almost unspeakably stupid logic—the likes of which could only be presented on an agenda-driven liberal propaganda mill posing as serious media:.  It’s a warning (posing as a “news story”) from a clearly feminist woman “economist” (who ostensibly seeks to be taken seriously) that the much talked-about Conservative government’s income-splitting idea might be “bad”—no wait:  “devastating”!—for women, on the basis that, well, my goodness me.  You read it:

The federal government proposal for family income splitting for tax purposes could be devastating for women in the event of marriage breakdown, warns an economics professor at the University of Victoria.

Income splitting allows couples to pay taxes on their combined incomes instead of individually. That can result in substantial tax savings for couples when one partner has a much higher income than the other.

Economist Elisabeth Gugl said it favours the breadwinner model, in which one person earns most of the family’s money and the other, often the woman, stays home and looks after the children.

The UVic economist said that as long as the couple stays together, there would be financial benefits with income splitting.

But she argues a tax system that encourages women to unplug from the workforce would be devastating for them if the marriage breaks down.

“If there’s a divorce, then having spent a long time at home, or not as attached to the labour market, it’s going to hurt them in terms of the earnings that they can have afterwards.”

Oh my. 

Here’s an idea:  don’t get married!  Families are stupid!  Burn your bra! 

If as a member of the sensible set you’ve concluded that the income splitting model could help encourage families to behave like traditional families (a model proven to have been extremely successful until today!); and hey maybe even help families cope better and stay together like in the good old days (sorry—bad old days if you’re a “progressive”!); and give them the added help they need to grow healthy happy families with an actual mom and pop with greater ease (and all that other pro-family conservative crap!) well I guess you’ve been set straight now!  And it’s a reminder that naturally, women are more important than families you silly nob! 

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any funnier—or more completely stupid—she lets more brain poo ooze out of her strange taxpayer-funded head:

Gugl says there is also well-established research that shows when a woman earns more of the family income, a larger percentage of it is spent on children’s items.


And women are better than men!  So therefore it’s really bad!  Women AND children will suffer if women are kept out of the workplace with these draconian, nefarious, anti-women plans! 

Vote liberal! 

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