Biggest Canadian news item of the week: privatize the state-owned CBC, say Canadians!

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A poll was released today by Abacus Data. 45% of Canadians agree the state-owned, taxpayer-funded, left-wing-advocating CBC should be privatized.  Only 34% disagree. This gives me hope for Canada.

Nothing else matters.

Except mocking Justin Trudeau’s latest myopic political strategery with regard to the Senate, because his rise to power is at least partly a construct of the state-owned CBC and the other less extreme left-wing liberal mainstream media.  (See my now aging YouTube video for scientific proof)

Justin_TrudeauJustin Trudeau, the mostly self-aggrandized cult leader waved what he must think is his magic wand, and deemed that all those Liberal senators, who were politically appointed to that political body by Liberal prime ministers over the decades, are no longer Liberals. They are now “independent.” Poof! He is truly awesome.

And Kelly McParland at the National Post was amused:

…Just like that — zap! — men and women who have spent their entire lives in the Liberal party, working for Liberal goals, campaigning to elect Liberal members — are no longer Liberals once they enter the Senate doors. They might be Liberals when they go to bed, might be Liberals when they wake the next morning, might be Liberals over coffee, but once inside the Senate their Liberalness disappears and they are magically independent. …

Apparently Trudeau thinks he controls people’s politics, their principles  —  their very minds —  to say nothing of Canada’s parliamentary institutions. He is a liberal, so I do understand where that controlling mentality comes from. Progressives are all about government control of, well, everything, or at least they are when Liberals have control.

It matters that Canadians understand what a knucklehead Justin Trudeau is. A weirdly large number of people are pure sycophants and will irrationally defend everything he says and does. Hi CBC and the rest of the mainstream media! But when even people like Liberal Party guru Warren Kinsella of Sun News Network fame disagrees with the leader, well I have even more hope for Canada.

From Kinsella’s blog, his description of Trudeau’s big dumb announcement: “Flashy, short term gain for chronic long term pain.  Increasingly, that seems to me (and others) to be how the Trudeau folks do policy.”

Ouch. And as I said, Trudeau is myopic.

As the Ottawa Citizen put it in an editorial, “Behind Trudeau’s announcement is a conflation of partisanship with the brainless-herd variety of partisanship we see too often on the Hill these days.”

Wow! “Brainless-herd.” As I said, he’s knucklehead. That’s not exactly what they meant, but he is of the brainless-herd pack. And those sycophants.

Today, the Liberal leader said the only thing that he has ever said that comes close to mattering, but even after he said it, Liberal senators declared that it really didn’t matter. No really. They actually said that. It doesn’t matter. Let’s review: Trudeau said Liberal senators are no longer Liberals.


‘We are members of the Liberal Party,’ Sen. Cowan says

Despite the fact that they were ousted by Justin Trudeau, Liberal senators declared Wednesday afternoon that they will continue to refer to themselves as “the Liberal Senate caucus.” …

“We are members of the Liberal party, and we intend to remain so,” Cowan later told CTV’s Power Play. “We intend to remain active in the Liberal Party…

From the Ottawa Citizen: “This reform does not address the role of the Senate in any real way.”

Maclean‘s adds to what Liberal (?) senator Cowan said: “In short, he said: ‘I think not a lot will change.'”

This just reeks to me of a desperate effort to come up with something  — anything  —  to appear relevant and capable of rational thought  —  both of these concepts he has abjectly failed to do up to now. It seems rash, ill-conceived, and specious. And useless. And worse, possibly even sinister. There is an auditor general audit of Senate expense accounts coming up, and I figure this could be Trudeau’s insidious way of separating himself as far as possible from the the likelihood of reports of Liberal Senator fraud. If so  —  if he really thinks that would work  —  then he’s all the more ridiculous. And I wouldn’t put it past him.

This episode reminds us of how important it is to stop allowing the liberal media from helping Justin Trudeau’s self-aggrandizement campaign, and further his rise to power. And call him and them out.

Imagine if there were no systemically left-wing, liberal-advocating, state-owned CBC any longer. Canadians would come to realize Justin Trudeau is a knucklehead, a lot sooner. The sooner the better. If I had a magic wand, I’d wave it.


Joel Johannesen
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