BC government’s health execs caught in apparent Covid vaccine queue-jump

Government elitism news for the five minutes between 12:55 AM and noon, January 13, 2021 (or at least that which has been reported by the trusty news media):

The Global News story says two hospital directors and two other regional staff members are being accused by co-workers of jumping the queue and receiving the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of front-line health workers in B.C.

“According to those workers, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect their jobs, the clinic ended up with 17 unadministered doses after a day of giving the vaccine to front-line workers.”

I have a question: Why were there 17 leftover doses for those self-anointed government elites to get their hands on anyway? This does not compute. Why not administer them to front-line workers, since clearly, all front line workers had not been yet been vaccinated. No front-liners available to administer to at the moment? Put them back in the freezer, surely. But no. “The authority did not explain why those doses weren’t given instead to front-line workers, or what happened to the other dozen doses left over at the Royal Columbian clinic on Dec. 27.”

The authority.” Damn I hate that expression to describe government or its departments. Sounds like a Communist China term. I’m the authority, and I demand to know why those doses weren’t given instead to front-line workers. I’d hoped the news media would care.

Lest you think otherwise, “Fraser Health front-line workers who first raised the allegations say none of the four people who received those extra doses are on the front lines of the pandemic, or have any direct or intimate contact with COVID-19 patients.”

Those big gov elites have needs that supersede you and yours, tho, you guys, as you may already know. They are the government. They are more important than you. “A director at Peace Arch Hospital in Surrey, whose colleagues tell Global News is not involved in day-to-day direct patient care, ultimately received one of those doses. That director’s son and son-in-law, who work at the hospital as a porter and a screener, respectively, also received doses before many front-line workers did.” Their family is also more important than your dumb family.

Way to help diminish an already almost extinct trust in government and its institutions, geniuses! And too bad for you at home, sucker, for following all their authoritarian government rules, which only you — not them — have to abide by.

Vote for more big government. Get more of this.

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