Gunman shoots an unarmed soldier guarding the War Memorial just outside of Parliament grounds? What? Then enters Parliament, shooting? How does a shooter get into Parliament? If ever there was a WTH moment, in this Islamist terrorist-infiltrated world, this is it.

So the guards – soldiers! – around the actual Parliament area, like at the War Memorial, are unarmed? WTH #2. (By the way, let’s dispense with the rumor that Parliament security itself is unarmed. Some of them are unarmed (or were), but most are armed. Read.)

I understand security leadership had been clamoring for a change in rules to allow more arming of security. So here’s a question: Gee – ya think?

That unarmed rule sounds like a purely ideological position, since it’s clearly not ideal from a security standpoint. Politics. Whose politics? Who would countenance security personnel anywhere near that area being unarmed? It doesn’t sound like a right-wing position, but rather a left-wing position – and one from the 1880s, as held by pacifist nincompoops, to boot. Certainly not a post-9/11, 2001 position held by any sane person.

It’s hard to imagine this idiotic pacifist ideology still surviving, in this day and age. Yet it persists. Here’s some recent (2007) quotes, about arming security at the Parliament. Like this one:

“I don’t know what the threat is,” said [Liberal Garth] Turner. “I don’t understand, as a guy who works in these buildings all day like you, why we need people to protect us with sticks and guns.”

That was 2007. Not 1892.

But on the (weirdly) plus side, seeing this video of the shooting happening live, brings to light, once again, the heroic bravery of our first responders, as we see them all rushing TOWARD the active shooter, one of them reportedly taking shots to the leg, in their effort to secure the area.

Glad they didn’t have to run toward the shooter wildly shaking “sticks” at him like a bunch of fools.


Is somebody dropping the ball here?

Two reports now indicate that (hold onto something) the shooter, named Michael Zehef-Bibeau, was a recent convert to Islam.

Also, he was known to Canadian security authorities, who had revoked his passport.

This information matches almost identically with the information about the Islamist terrorist nutbar who ran over and killed a Canadian soldier, earlier this week.

So, we’re going to go ahead and presume that government security authorities are rounding up others who had their passports revoked for similar reasons.

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