Act now or forever hold your… self to blame (Part 2)

Part 2
(Part 1 is here)

For all the reasons I laid out in Part 1, we clearly have to dig in if we have any interest in saving Canada as a free, democratic, free-market, merit-based country built on the good Judeo-Christian principles that gave us such great potential. And to the extent that politics is downstream of culture, our areas of attack need to be upstream: the “news” media, the education industrial complex, corporations and particularly big tech corps, and of course we have to counteract our inherent good-natured, and ever-so dumb, go along to get along behavior.

Completely give up on the “news” media. It is not news media. It is bought-and-paid-for propaganda much of the time; the rest of the time it is slanted and filtered to their left-wing worldview — an ideological, partisan, leftist activist medium that exists to drive the culture and politics leftward as far as possible. There are only a scant few individual exceptions here. Generally, though, they fight you and what you believe in all day long. They don’t like you. They may even hate and fear you. They are dishonest to the core. They don’t even care that you know it anymore. They lie, they obfuscate, they hype up the left’s talking points while denigrating the right’s. They ignore stories that are historically important if it also means that the story supports the right and harms the left. Have you not had it with them yet? I ask because they still exist for some reason.

I’m never sure if the news media are leading the liberals/socialists or the other way around. I know the CBC is state-owned, but in reality, its sole virtual shareholder — or at least the only one that matters to them — is the Trudeau Liberals/Singh socialists. But which one of the two is actually in charge? The CBC? Or the Liberals/NDP? It is really hard to tell. Maybe they just feed off each other. One sucks, the other blows.

So cancel them. Find alternate sources of news. Not Twitter for obvious reasons, as they hate you and want you gone. Not Youtube for those same reasons. Use multiple sources at least. Find and support independent print, online, and TV media. Support them financially — or they fail. And you fail. The country will fail. We will all fail.

On Education: Take control — absolute and utter control — I mean the day-to-day, hands-on, micro-level control — over all aspects of education. Schools, school boards, teachers’ unions, and of course the “education” (large enough air quotes are impossible to find) ministries in left-wing governments. They are wrecking our future. The extent of their damage can already be seen in their activist social engineering of the past decade or two, as the current generation is uniformly woke and leftist and sometimes downright stupid.  And it’s getting worse daily, with the woke cult dominating more and more institutions and aspects of our lives.

I would insist on cameras or live mics in every classroom, which parents and everybody else can watch or listen to — not focused on the kids of course, but only on the teachers. We need to hear what the hell they are driving into our kids’ heads. Take an active interest. Speak up. Run for school board. Campaign against leftists, the woke, and the truly stupid. Campaign for, and support financially, the right candidates.

Tech and most corporations have been subsumed by the woke cult — no surprise, given they are run by the very people trained as above. Don’t give your money to people who hate you. To people who are working against you and your interests. Who literally strike you and what you believe in down with their billions.

Behavior: Stop being polite and nice in politics. Liberals speak as though everybody in the room agrees with them. Speak up and say you disagree. Don’t be a pussycat. Don’t agree. Don’t support that garbage. And act to support those who support you. Liberals support liberal media — or force you to support them with your tax dollars. We can’t do much about that sort of authoritarian power over us, fighting us, but until they find a way of stopping us (and as we’ve seen, they’ve tried), we can still spend our money supporting conservative or libertarian or at least balanced causes and media. Conservatives fail to do that as well as the left does. The Conservative Party gets virtually all the conservative cash. I’d redirect that if I were you.

We still have a choice on the direction this thing goes. But I suggest we act immediately.

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