Absurd polling question defies Canadians to oppose gay marriage

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The Article

While the liberal-left media constantly pushes for public acceptance of the demand by the gay lobby that we change the definition of the already embattled institution of marriage; and they attempt to gradually nuance into existence and normalize (as if some sort of Fabian liberals) the concept of homosexuals marrying each other; and the gay interest groups and professional lobbyists promote the heck out of the concept as usual, Canadians are still, amazingly, largely divided over the issue.  Or at least they are when they are threatened by a good liberal bitch-slapping.

Imagine if there were a right-wing point of view in Canada, or even if both sides were dared—or legally allowed—to be expressed in Canada’s old media—you know, the way Fox News Channel, which is banned in Canada by the liberal government and its state regulator/censor, does it down in the free United States. 

Imagine if liberalism wasn’t the only philosophy being pumped into our brains in every way across the entire Canadian nation daily by the likes of state-run media such as the very liberal-left CBC.

Though not presented this way, the real headline in this latest media poll is that opposition to the word “marriage” being used by homos is growing over the years.  In August 2003, opposition to the word “marriage” was at 37 percent.  That is now up to a whopping 45 per cent opposition.

That’s a massive growth in opposition.  For example, it’s way more than the popular vote of the current Liberal government. 

It’s especially important considering that it goes against what is being preached by the media and government and academia and the constantly yelling gay special interest groups and professional gay lobbyists, not to mention American popular media and Hollywood in general.  And in spite of those pornographic gay pride parades that take place in cities across North America for the benefit of our children who, like idiots,  still instinctively think Ken and Barbie go together and potentially form a “mommy and daddy”.

Yet, on the eve of another historic decision-making time for Canadians, the CTV web site expresses their timely poll results as follows: “Poll finds narrow support for same-sex marriage”.

The questions asked in this latest poll are hilariously, ridiculously, absurdly slanted, forcing the lackadaisical, desensitized, intellectually accommodating Canadian public to “go with the flow” as usual, and answer favorably toward gays.  It dares Canadians to refute the all-knowing elitist judges and their big scary institution.

The first question was framed-up first with an “As you may know…” statement so that the answer could be guessed even by an moron before it was asked.  It was: As you may know, the courts in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and the Yukon have recognized same-sex marriages in their province or territory and made them legal. Based on knowing this, do you support or oppose same-sex couples being allowed to marry and register their marriage with their provincial government?

“Based on knowing” that?  Well thanks for telling us first!  It doesn’t mention anything about activist judges or the fact that the Supreme Court judges are all appointed as Liberal Party sympathizers by the Liberal government, as for example the last two appointees, Louise Charron and Rosalie Abella, who are well known for being gay marriage sympathizers.  The web site “365Gay.com” said this in excitement when they were appointed:

365Gay.com Newscenter
Ottawa Bureau

Posted: August 31, 2004 11:01 am ET

(Ottawa) Two of Canada’s most gay positive judges Monday were formally appointed to the Supreme Court, weeks before the high court is to hear arguments over the government’s proposed legislation on same-sex marriage.

Appointing justices to the Supreme Court is the sole prerogative of the Prime Minister…

Notice that the 365Gay.com web site has an “Ottawa Bureau”.  We don’t have an Ottawa Bureau, and we’re all about politics.  And we’re Canadian.

Perhaps a poll should ask “Did you realize that the liberals in this country have taken over the whole country lock, stock and barrel, over the years?”

The second question was even more unbalanced.  It dared Canadians to question their Supreme Court and defy its authority once it makes a (liberal) decision and dares Canadians to endorse government defiance of its own Supreme Court, causing a massive constitutional crisis in Canada, over something they repeatedly tell us is just a matter of “equal rights” and that it’s doesn’t affect “you” personally anyway.  Who’d be in favor of that? 

The second question was: Now, let’s suppose that the Supreme Court of Canada rules similarly that same sex marriage is constitutional. Would you accept this decision fully with no restrictions in its application and that the word marriage be used for everyone or do you want the federal government to do everything it can to make the legal use of the word marriage apply only to heterosexuals in law, that is a man and a woman?

How absurd.

All of this so that 95 percent of the population can appease less than five percent of the population, the gays, while coincidentally offending the 30 percent of Canadians who voted Conservative and aren’t necessarily in favor of the breakdown of the traditional family unit which built this country.  Liberals aren’t interested in that minority, of course.  On the other hand, that minority could change to a majority soon, as seems to be happening already.

In the meantime, this is how public policy is decided in this country—by liberals, for liberals, using sleazy tactics to literally brainwash Canadians and encourage liberalism amongst Canadians and elected officials.  Force them to answer affirmatively, liberally, then use that as a basis to prove that Canadians are in fact liberals. 

And it’s fascist.

How stupid are Canadians?

By Joel Johannesen

This editorial is posted at ProudToBeCanadian.ca.  Here is the exact link to the editorial:


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