Abort the baloney living and growing inside of you. I’m pro-choice on that.

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The Article

Listening to America’s  Supreme Court proceedings yesterday concerning the Mississippi abortion law being challenged by an abortion group, an interesting stat was birthed that gave new life to Canada’s awful place in the world. Yes, Canada! How did this happen, Joel?, you ask. We didn’t even have sex!, you add, for some incongruous reason since the choice to have unprotected sex never leads to “pregnancy” or “the creation of life” —like as if!

Back in the olden days when Donald Trump was president, he made the Left and their “news” media division really mad. (He did this at least two or maybe even three times. Per hour.) His 2017 claim about abortion was cast in the media as, you know, another one of those whacky lies that Trump always tells, because Trump’s a liar, y’all! (etc.).

He said the U.S. was one of only seven countries that allowed abortions after 20 weeks. PPFFFT!!^#+$ said the Left and their “news” media, who loves them some abortions and think abortion is the moderate, normal, moral, life-affirming thing to do, somehow, while claiming that doing nothing and allowing nature to organically take its course and allowing life to continue —is the extreme position. Somehow. In some universe. (Also see the liberals’ dictate: “men can be pregnant too!” and the now ubiquitous “you have to call them menstruating people.”)

What’s fun is that in so blithely exhibiting this outrage and stunned disbelief at such statements, they also tacitly acknowledged that it would indeed be embarrassing, and maybe even prove them to be on the wrong side, if the U.S. was in fact an “extreme” outlier and practically alone in the world like this — abortion being so cool and normal in the progressive world. And moreover, they think everybody in the world — especially the cools in welfare-state Europe — thinks just like them. (You see this all the time: liberals speak in a room full of people as if everybody in the room agrees with them. They just assume it, having never considered there was another way to think. And of course, if someone does think another way, the more radical — or what they risibly call “progressive” — among them will call you a white supremacist racist fascist. But I don’t need to tell my readers this.)

Begrudgingly, the Left’s biblical Washington Post division quickly “fact-checked” (wink!) this Trumpnazi statement, hoping, I imagine, to find another Trump whopper™. What surprised the normals like me and others on the Right was that the WaPo then published their fact check, despite the fact that they found his statement to be true. (Usually, the Left’s “news” media division buries facts when they don’t align with their narrative or propaganda, as we know.)

Only seven of the 59 countries allow elective abortions after 20 weeks, the group found: Canada, China, Netherlands, North Korea, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam.

— The Washington Post

The Wapo also sort of hilariously admitted:

This statistic seemed dubious at first, because it seemed extreme for just seven countries out of 198 to allow elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. But upon further digging, the data back up the claim. 

They did not admit to — or at least they did not embrace the fact that — they are global extremists, but baby steps, people!

Those of you born (hey! that’s you!) with eyes quickly spotted CANADA in the list, right alongside North Korea and their evil — there I said it — evil pals, communist China. Oh and Vietnam, that other communist gem.

Yesterday, Chief Justice John Roberts (“CJ”) pressed one of the abortion luvin’ lawyers on their position on abortion “rights” and what they seemed to claim was what all the world’s cool kids do. The CJ claimed — in court! — that the U.S. was one of only seven countries that allowed abortions after 20 weeks.

Whoa. CJ notes our current abortion law is as extreme as North Korea and PRC, and that, perhaps, even if we don’t look to international law for precedents, we should be aware of which countries we keep company with.

— Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) December 1, 2021

Again the Left went into fits of I don’t know, whatever the Left poops out whenever they find out the facts of life are the exact opposite of what they think, which is every five minutes. And again, the actual facts come out despite their efforts, and they are once again owned, and they once again fall silent like nothing ever happened. You know, like they suddenly found silence after that Rittenhouse trial or after the black driver (black being the keyword for them) mowed down 40 people at a Christmas parade. They find something else to be outraged about. Squirrel! Or if it’s December, “it’s called THE HAPPY TREE FESTIVAL or THE HOLIDAYS, you white supremacists!” 

I have to get this in because it’s so damned heinous: I wrote a little post years ago when the Liberals’ Globe and Mail division was literally gratuitously celebrating their abortion pseudo-god, Henry Morgentaler, in their pages. They posted it under their “LIFE” section, as if not noticing the insulting “fuck you, all you pro-life freaks” irony. That’s how abominable the Left is on abortion. The arrogance and dishonor of the Left can be astounding.

Globe and Mail — from 2013 — gives the finger to normal Canadians.

By way of reminder, abortion is, of course, the most disgusting, most egregious, most disgraceful thing ever thought of by humans. And that’s just the science argument. And in Canada, there is utterly no law restricting it in any way. Canada has no abortion law whatsoever, and the liberals’ dream of unlimited, taxpayer-paid abortions at any time in any pregnancy for any reason — or no reason at all whatsoever — is fully realized (and yet they keep seeking to expand it). Today countless (because as I alluded earlier, they purposely don’t keep or at least reveal facts they don’t like) tens of thousands are “performed” every year — perhaps 100,000 per year. That’s 300 per day. But don’t worry, those would-be Canadian humans are replaced by immigrants.

And in fact, the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau officially dictates that every Liberal MP physically, vocally, and by contract, endorse and embrace it or be banished or canceled; and further, that every Canadian applicant for federal government jobs programs, for instance — even church groups — are forced to similarly acknowledge that they support abortion, or else they don’t get federal program money. Sort of like what North Korea might do if they weren’t so worried about how they’re seen in the world.

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