Your Liberal government at work doing surveillance on their opponents like me with your tax dollars

One of the Liberal Party’s adscam sponsorship scandal’s main stars started his trial today, even as I blogged that another star was sentenced to 30 months in prison for his role.  (Hat tip: Maureen)

This one, Chuck Guite, looks like he’ll be doing some time in the brig as well.

But by the sounds of it, it almost appears as though they were fixing to ensure that some of the Liberal government’s harshest opponents and critics ended up in the brig instead of them.  Or mired in tax audits, or the subject of lawsuits or undue scrutiny or some such abusive, totally corrupt, arrogant-liberal-government-drunk-on-power thing.

Guite suggested lie to
explain contract: ad man

MONTREAL (CP) – Chuck Guite had a simple suggestion for explaining how the federal government spent $330,000 on a contract that allegedly produced nothing, a former ad executive testified Friday.

“Mr. Guite said, ‘Don’t worry. If anybody asks questions, we’ll say we threw out the documents and destroyed the mock-ups,’ ” said Jean Lambert, a former vice-president at Groupaction Marketing.

“Those might not be his exact words, but that was the gist of it.”

Lambert was the first witness at Guite’s trial on five charges of fraud for granting nearly $2 million in contracts to Groupaction, often for little or no work.

[…] In a second 1997 contract, Lambert described a conversation with Brault where the ad executive told him to create a project to fit a $150,000 contract coming their way.

“He told me to find a pretext, a reason, to invent something to use for an estimate,” Lambert said.

“He told us to think of something.”

At first, they drew up a plan to inventory federal Internet sites, Lambert said. Later, they altered their pitch to perform surveillance on “extremist” groups complaining about the federal gun registry.

What kind of a government would do that to its citizens?

I wonder what they found out about me and this website (with my tax dollars), given that me and we were and are “extremely” opposed to the gun registry and almost every single other thing the Liberal Party did to us.

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