You want money from me, huh? How about my left eye?

I just got yet another telephone call from the Conservative Party’s bank of callers thanking me for my recent financial support, and asking if they could count on my addition financial support.  Clearly, once you send them cash, they’ve got your number, and they won’t let go, because they know how important cash is to spreading the word and building a movement, and feeding your family.

image Usually I respond kindly as if I’m finally getting a call from someone on my side, but this time I was a little peeved.  They don’t know me from Adam. I imagine the Liberal Party knows me from Adam, and I know for a fact that the liberals’ state-run media division does, because their taxpayer-paid lawyers have a file with my name on it and my name and personal address and phone number in their tax-funded Rolodexes, and I’ve been told by them that they will, and I quote, “be monitoring your site”.

I responded to the question of whether or not they could count on my additional financial support with a rather rude answer.  I said something like this (and this is almost exactly spot on because I began typing this immediately after hanging up, interrupting the writing of my next blog entry in the pro-Conservative web site ProudToBeCanadian):

“Well, ya know, I’m always a little taken aback when as the owner and operator of one of the biggest and most popular and oldest and most ardently conservative web sites in this entire country and as one of the most consistently pro-Conservative Party and pro-Stephen Harper and pro-conservatism advocates through that web site, ProudToBeCanadian, I repeatedly get asked by the Conservative Party for cash, on top of everything else I’ve done, and it is done as if the Party has exactly no clue whatsoever who I am, which I feel quite sure they don’t, and which if I so decide to send more of my cash, I am instructed that I will be rewarded with a nice tax receipt. I’ve spent countless thousands upon thousands of after-tax dollars building this web site and promoting conservatism in this country at tremendous personal expense and in terms of my reputation and at great risk to me personally and my family, and in countless other ways, and if one added the thousands of hours I’ve spent on it, the cost would literally be incalculable.  So I’ll go ahead and say goodbye at this point.  Bye bye.”

As I was hanging up, the lady, a hired hand, no doubt, who gets paid for what SHE does, tried in vain to apologize.  It was too late—the phone was too near to the cradle already.

Maybe they could create a list of known supporters and stop blithely pissing them off so incessantly and so ignorantly.

I’ll probably send them another check now.

Joel Johannesen
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