World to Trudeau: Mind your own g-d business. Only they didn’t say g-d.

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The Article

“The vice-presidency isn’t worth a pitcher of warm spit,” said John Nance Garner, who held the position between 1933-41. Only he didn’t say “spit”.
— John Ivison in today’s Postmedia column

The VP title is hugely important, but the job sucks, I’m sure they think to themselves, because you have to have shitty sit-downs with boring self-important nobs, and get a finger-wag at your good and noble country by liberal scolds like Justin Trudeau, prime minister of America-reliant pipsqueak Canada, which has its own problems. Abortion being one.

Trudeau chose a trade meeting with the very pro-life vice president Pence to wag his virtue-signaling finger this week. At America. The Trudeau Liberals’ overwrought concern that the world — not just Canada, where it is a pathological obsession of his — fully embrace and enact his extremist pro-abortion policies — is literally unhinged from reality. Embarrassing. Weird.

But wagging your pro-abortion finger at America — at Vice President Mike Pence in particular? During a trade meeting wherein you don’t want to piss off your counterpart? Ugh. That’s just brain dead.

The fact that VP Pence didn’t just walk out and tell Trudeau to shove it and “mind your own g-d business,” should make all lefties in Canada breath a sigh of relief. Instead, they’re celebrating Trudeau as an abortion hero. (Repeat those last two words in your head and realize the left can see things just that way.)

John Ivison wrote today,

The Trudeau government has fast built up a track record of trying, and failing, to export its progressive values to countries that decided, on reflection, they would prefer if Canada minded its own goddamned business.

But Trudeau is a faker. He knows VP Pence is too gracious a man, too polite, too diplomatic, too smart, to react negatively and make him look bad. So Trudeau suckerpunched him. Took advantage of a gracious, honest man. The Liberals’ Canadian Press division wrote,

He  [Pence] said it’s up to Canadians to decide how they feel about the issue, but he made it clear where his government stands.

“I am very proud to be part of a pro-life administration,” Pence said, describing his conversation with Trudeau as respectful.

“Friends can have differences of opinion and still be friends.”

See? Gracious. I would have told Trudeau to shove it and get a handle on Canada’s rampant lawless abortion problem and start protecting the lives of the unborn in Canada instead of promoting abortion in Canada and other countries. Then I’d go on to items two through forty. Which is why I should be the next VP.

Whether it’s India or China or the United States, Trudeau seems to have absolutely no clue — no natural instincts — no good reflexes — when it comes to dealing with the world. Aside, that is, from his lover, the United Nations, that leftist, anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-Israel government body with whom Trudeau and Canada’s left share a mutual, and very sexual, love.

In the age of the Justin Trudeau Liberals, Canada is rapidly gaining a reputation as a smug-ass liberal scold on the international stage.

No country, including Canada, despite all the ongoing Trudeau apologies for Canada itself, enjoys or even accepts being told what to do, or how, or why. And generally we’re not (China is an outlier — a lying, Canada-scolding ass, here). That’s because we’re generally noble and good and nobody needs to tell us what for. You bet your spit some countries (Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, China…) need, well, far more than a mere symbolic Trudeau-style scolding (alas world leaders — besides maybe Donald Trump — are just too yella). And that’s because real innocent lives are at stake, including Canadians at times, in all those countries.

But Trudeau has chosen, instead, to seek to ensure innocent lives in America are able to be taken, legally, at will. Like we do in Canada. That’s… just freaking bizarre.

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