Fun study printed in the Washington Times shows there’s hope for the “traditional man”.

My first concern as a Canadian is whether this sort of thing is outlawed by the liberals yet.  Does this overt non-bluring of the sexes fall under that redefining of “Canadian Family” thing?  COTLER!

And yes, I realize this study will be banned in Liberal-led Ontario where use of the word “man”, “woman”, and explaining things in terms of there being a difference between “men” and “women” is verboten.  So please screen your eyes if you’re in Ontario or I’ll have to ask the Captain to blog this entry for us too. 

This sentence is especially galling to liberals:  “The results, researchers say, are a testimony to the enduring power of sex roles on society.”  That darn science getting in the way of a good political dogma again! 

And man then there’s this paragraph: 

“It just shows that there are some things that you can’t change and that, while feminism for a long time has been pushing us towards androgyny with little girls with trucks and guys with dolls, women tend to have feministic traits and guys the opposite,” says Carrie Lukas, director of policy with the Independent Women’s Forum. “If anything, it shows what feminism hasn’t been able to accomplish.”

We’re dead as a web site now.  I gotta call my attorney. 

But anyway, the cat’s out of the bag, so I’ll go for broke. I’m a man, after all.   

Women want the “man” back in “manly,” a Harris Interactive survey shows. The rough-and-ready attitude is in, women say, while the manicured “metrosexual” look is on the way out.

A full 61 percent of women surveyed said they would rather see a man’s hands rough and working hard than well-manicured, a slap in the face to the extreme-makeover, suave-guy crowd.

Ninety-two percent of women said dependability is a desirable characteristic in an ideal mate. Only 16 percent chose “fashionable,” and 62 percent chose “strong” as a desirable characteristic.

No word on the men with pierced nipples, two pretty little ear rings, pieced noses, pierced eye lids, pierced eye brows, pierced scrotums…

But this fact caught my eye: 90 percent of women said they prefer low-maintenance, easygoing guys.  Doesn’t that make it hard for liberal women to find a date?

I love this quote from F. Carolyn Graglia, author of “Domestic Tranquility” because she’s unwittingly describing the quintessential liberal:

Mrs. Graglia sees the “fashionable man” celebrated by pop culture as an emblem of selfishness. Men being more concerned about how they look than how dependable they are, she says, is a sign of the times.

“So many men are like that—so narcissistic, so self-centered. They are really afraid of growing up,” she says. “To me, a man who would look down on [being manly] isn’t a real man and isn’t in touch with the real things in life.”

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