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The Article

PTBC friend and contributor “Marc” admits that he’s sometimes surprised his letters to the editor get published.  I think lots of editors would be surprised there’s so many Canadians who agree with Marc.  And wouldn’t they be surprised if they all started taking the kind of pro-active stance that Marc takes so often with his many (great, on the mark) letters to the editor.  That might change some things.

Marc Mielhausen
Logo foolishness

Thursday July 20, 2006


The Liberal Party of Ontario must be suffering from a persistent collective intellectual hernia. In a typically Liberal waste of tax dollars, the Ministry of Unintelligent Decisions (their name is MUD, for short) has misused $219,000 to change the Ontario logo to something a third year elementary student could have fashioned. McGuinty’s government has gone beyond being nuttier than elephant dung and is slipping into delusion and dementia. I have the feeling that somewhere there’s a bunch of straight-jackets missing people.

They justify this waste by claiming they are an $80 billion organization competing with the best in the world. This twisted around the driveshaft approach is frustrating because the only competition facing Ontario is the Liberal agenda to achieve the lowest return on the highest level of taxation. It’s nothing new for Liberals to manifest their contempt for the taxpayer by competing against them but I’m beginning to think the Ontario Liberals manufactured this negative publicity for a paltry $219,000 because it deflects attention from the millions they are blowing to buy their way out of the Caledonia issue.

Dawson Winchester, in his July 17 column, recommends contacting Steve Peters, however, I feel people would be better off keeping Dawson’s latest column handy and reading it before voting in 2007. I highly doubt Steve Peters will be able to offer a sane explanation for the logo issue because there isn’t one. And if he’s just going to be an echo chamber for his party, I welcome his silence. I realize that Peters has a cult-like following in St. Thomas, but I am hopeful that area voters will realize that as long as he’s a Liberal party member, his best intentions will end up waylaid by ideological diarrhea as socialist parties, such as Liberals, are fundamentally opposed to independent thought.

Marc Mielhausen
St. Thomas

If anybody gets a letter to the editor published, please send it along and I’ll post it here.

Joel Johannesen
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