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The Article

I liked this comment (it’s comment #12 in the list) written today made to a blog entry posted a couple days ago called Canadians win battle last night in Afghanistan by a reader calling himself “uplateinalaska”:

Reading this blog is the first I’ve heard of this raid. It’s now the 31st of March and this story was dated the 29th. Thats the media for you. They probably didn’t want to take up precious space devoted to cindy shehaan.

I am a former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. I served as an infantry squad leader during the invasion of Iraq. That was many years ago already. I didn’t have the honor of fighting next to any Canadians there, however, I am a history buff. I know what steely eyed killers the Canadian Forces were in World War 2 (God bless the history channel), and I would have been relieved to know that they were protecting either of my flanks.

Stories like this warm my heart. The only way to win the War on Terror is to kill terrorists. Building schools, repainting mosques, handing out freshly baked loaves of bread… ect.. only goes so far. My wife likes to talk about tolerance and acceptance (she says she belongs to the NDP party…no idea what that they are all about…trying to find out by reading blogs). I, on the other hand, cannot tolerate the intolerable. Appeasement tends to piss me off.

I am married to the most beautiful Canadian woman. She was exported from Winnipeg to Alaska last summer. I apologize for that (not really).

And we salute you, our great American friend!

This web site supports the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, and any war against terrorism and tyranny and for freedom and democracy wherever it may be, and for as long as it takes to win.  This web site supports America and American efforts in the war on terror in Iraq and anywhere else it needs to be fought, and supports all the military personnel from Canada, Australia, the U.K., the U.S.A., and elsewhere.


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