Who says Canadians don’t want action against the woke mob?

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I tweeted an innocent little reply to a tweet by liberalvision CTV News today, and it got more “likes” than usual. It kinda surprised me. And I think it’s very telling as to where Canada is right now. And you’d never know it judging from the “news” media, which makes it all look the opposite. They blithely tweet out stuff that they think is self-evidently awful and “far-right” and “hate” and anti-whatever woke thing they’re pushing; but I think they really don’t know Canadians very well. And maybe don’t care to. They’ve got an agenda to push!

Here’s the tweet by liberalvision CTV News:

And here’s my reply — the “likes” will be higher by the time you read this. Who knew so many Canadians dug what Ron DeSantis was doing? I’m very pleased!

At least they didn’t do as many others in the “news” media did, which was to try to fake you out — lie to you — and inject their own woke opinion into the matter, and call it the “anti-LGBT legislation.” (Remember “Don’t say gay?” Yeah — that was an outright lie too, in a similar vein.) Global News did that today. And at least a few folks liked my response to that as well.

One more on the same sort of LGBTQ(etc) theme: CTV News once again tried to promote what I think is BS propaganda drummed-up by the woke left:

They say when a person mails a letter to a politician or to a corporate customer service department it represents 1000 people who wouldn’t bother to take the time. I think the same thing about this issue, or any number of “woke” issues. People in Canada are afraid to take a stand — even “like” a tweet — given that many of their employers, almost all of academia, and all of the leftist “news” and “entertainment” media are as much a member of the woke cult as the core cultists, so it’s understandable that so many Canadians want to hide rather than risk it.

So I’m chalking today up as a W for common sense and for the backlash to the woke cult.

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