CTV News: Don’t Say The Truth. Push An Agenda!

As the good Florida governor Ron DeSantis is set to announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination for president today, the progressives in ye olde dinosaur media are all over it, dutifully repeating (ad nauseam) the talking points crafted for them by (other) professional leftists. They’ve been doing that all along, but now it’s getting serious because he’s hoping to run for president! And he might influence Canadians! Yuck!, they report.

They think their job is not to report the news, but to bring down conservatives. And it’s why most people increasingly, finally, realize they are a joke.

CTV News anchor Todd van der Heyden glibly informs us today thru his guest (a lefty professor! Can you imagine?! What luck!), as a matter of fact and newsy truth, that Florida’s DeSantis signed something called “The Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

As some honest people know, as as you may have heard, even from me: there was no bill named that. That phony name was — literally — a cheap, caustic, rather juvenile political propaganda device, created by professional leftists to advance an agenda. And then identically used — as if by magic — by virtually every single “news” media agency. Exactly like the CTV News team of intrepid and oh-so-honest reporters just did.

They drop to their fainting couches whenever a conservative utters something that doesn’t align precisely with “their truth,” and then speak endlessly about their quest to rid the world of all the disinformation and misinformation (as Justin Trudeau also pretends to seek, despite his constant lying), but Todd van der Heyden and/or his CTV “News” writers then chooses to advance pure disinformation and expect you to nod your head.

Van der Heyden’s reliably left-wing guest, the professor, also taught us (he’s a professor!) that DeSantis’s anti-woke agenda is really “code for anti-anybody who doesn’t look like me,” proving to me that that guy is an idiot and a really terrible code-breaker. Did I say idiot? Sorry, I meant a total f-ing idiot leftist moron.

It’s not news, it’s pure politics. Bunk. And they all know it. Van der Heyden’s not “reporting the news.” He’s doing little more than helping to advance that leftist political and cultural agenda, and taking down conservatives, using the very disinformation they claim so dishonestly to abhor. It’s what more than justifies my calling them “liberalvision CTV” for the past 15 or more years. And the name should be much, much harsher and less polite.

And it proves at a minimum that they are utterly untrustworthy. Perhaps even damaging to our democracy. Certainly damaging to their own survivability!

(And by the way, I use the polemic moniker “liberalvision CTV” to advance a political agenda of my own, which is to wake people up to the fact that CTV is full of liberal leftist or progressive propaganda. I feel that is a worthy cause. And it’s one which I’m entitled to engage in, because I’M NOT THE (F-ing) NEWS.

As adults-in-the-know know, The Parental Rights in Education Act (HB 1557) is what the bill, now an act of law and a good one, is called. And no, nowhere in it does it say “don’t say gay.”

Incidentally, on a related note, I caught CTVNews trying once again yesterday to help besmirch DeSantis in another one of their glib tweets. (At least this time they said “what it says are…” instead of just making a declarative statement of fact, as they have done in the past.)

And I should have added that many of those people went to live in Florida in recent years as the woke bullshit in blue (Dem) states drove them to Florida, where woke goes to die, and where people, gay or not, flourish. Florida is the number one state for in-migration. So good luck to the left-wing propagandists and the left-wing media that help propagate it.

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