Where do OUR girlie-men go?

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I read where 46 Cuban entertainers, who are on a road trip in Vegas, decided to ditch their families and their socialist/communist country and defect to the United States.

All this talk of “defections” from the United States to Canada to escape the evil value-laden country that they never knew they lived in…. got me thinking:  Where do OUR girlie-men go?

If the Conservatives win the next election in Canada, where would our girlie-men liberal-left Canucks leave to now that the United States is all, you know, led by yucky people with conservatives values and religion ‘n stuff?  Cuba? 

Maybe we should have thought of this before turning Jon Stewart and the Daily Show down because it might have made for some funny-talk.

We know Svend Robinson and other liberal-lefties adore Fidel Castro—and Castro was one of Pierre Trudeau’s pall bearers (along with Jimmy Carter, naturally).  And yet I’ve never heard of anyone ditching either Canada or the United States and taking up a shack/garage/hut/spot-on-the-beach in socialist Cuba.  You’d think Cuba would be just the ticket for Canada’s liberal-lefties. 

Cuban Entertainers Plan Mass Defection

LAS VEGAS — Cuban members of a theatrical production in Las Vegas plan to seek asylum in the United States, leaving families behind and defying their government, the show’s founder and creator said Sunday.

The 43 performers, including dancers, singers and musicians, will submit their requests Monday morning at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas, said Nicole “N.D” Durr, who also directs the “Havana Night Club” show.

“Art should have no boundaries,” Durr told The Associated Press. “My artists stood up in one voice and said they want to go. We want to dance. We want to continue to dance.”

Durr said seven additional cast members, who are currently in Germany, also are seeking asylum. They are expected to arrive in the U.S. within the week. Another three members have decided to return to Cuba, she said.

Durr said the decision to defect was a tough one for the show’s performers, with most of their immediate family members remaining in Cuba.


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