Apparently some Liberal MPs allowed their web site domain registration to lapse without renewing it (stupid them).  So the point-man at DefendMarriage, Charles McVety, who was obviously waiting for just this thing to happen, registered the names himself under the DefendMarriage banner, and set up web sites which looked like the official web site of the MP at first glance. 

Click here for example:

This has been tried umpteen times before without success. 

It’s stupid.  They should abandon and apologize.  In the meantime, until they do, I’ll remove their free ad from our forum section.

Strike two for the Right, in as many weeks.

Here’s the WHOIS info:

Status:      EXIST                              
Registrar:    DomainsAtCost Corp.                   
Registrar-no:  45                                
Registrant-no:  1117977                            
Domaine-no:    1154448                            
Renewal-Date:  2006/02/24                          
Date-Approved:  2005/02/24                          
Date-Modified:  2005/03/01                          
Organization:  McVety Charles                        
Admin-Name:    Charles McVety                        
Admin-Postal:  McVety Charles                        
          50 Gervais Drive                      
          Toronto ON m3c1z3 Canada                
Admin-Phone:  4163915000                          
Admin-Fax:    4163913969                          
Tech-Name:    Charles McVety                        
Tech-Postal:  McVety Charles                        
          50 Gervais Drive                      
          Toronto ON m3c1z3 Canada                
Tech-Phone:    4163915000                          
Tech-Fax:    4163913969                          



Interestingly, this was all done in February of this year.  It’s not like this was a huge shock for Don Boudria, who is feigning as much outrage as possible of course.  The same thing was done to Ontario Progressive Conservative premier Mike Harris back in the day.