“Jobs” you say.


Justice committee hearings

  1. Gerald Butts implied that 9000 jobs lost SNC-Lavalin in Montreal would be like all the mines closing in Cape Breton. Yeah, no. That’s stupidtalk. Oh and also, don’t Liberals actually want all the coal mines closed? And oil wells? And gas fields? So maybe I got him wrong. Maybe he wants all SNC-Lavalin jobs gone.
  2. And we should even remotely trust SNC-Lavalin’s contentions that 9000 jobs would be lost? We trust SNC-Lavalin? They’re not neutral in this affair. They’ve got a vested interest in getting off the criminal hook. They’re credibly charged with being fraudsters, liars and crooks. Totally immoral and not trustworthy to my way of thinking. But the Trudeau clan go with them and what they say? And, apparently nobody else for verification of their claims?
  3. If SNCL went bankrupt, who would do all the work they might have done in Canada? Would not those 9000 jobs be recreated by another company? Surely SNCL isn’t creating the demand for work to be done. Then again they have a history of being accused of bribery.
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