VIDEO: RightHandGirl in music video on Hillary.

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The Article

My favorite video blogger RightHandGirl takes a swipe at those much ballyhooed pro-Obama and pro-Hillary music videos made by siliconized boob ‘n butt-wagging bombshells (with a suspiciously large load o’ cash) … with her own music video clearly made with no cash (and, she’s naturally cute and hugely under-ballyhooed). 

It’s an anti-Hillary music video.  It’s fun partly because it’s so cheesy—in a cute grassroots sort of way—unlike those other slicker than slick music videos (made with a suspiciously large load o’ cash).  RightHandGirl has also already proven her astute political mettle even at her young age, unlike those jiggly body-part political music video starlets.

“I Wanna Be Like Hillary”
(Click play in lower left)

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