Nowhere in the article is anyone—not a pollster, nor a politician, not even a Marxist university professor—quoted as saying Conservative leader Stephen Harper is a “devil”, not even in the context of the cliché “…the devil we don’t know…”; nor that Harper is “scary”.

The Vancouver Sun took it upon itself to inform us as such.  And to do so through a huge headline on page A6. 

You see, we are informed by the fair and balanced and objective liberal-left media geniuses that Mr. Harper, the “devil”, and the Conservatives generally, are already in fact SCARY.  That’s some sort of a “given” now that the liberal media has drilled that into our brains over the last two years, our Canadian brains being an organ which they obviously utterly disrespect.  Now, Mr. Harper and the Conservtives are under some obligation to prove to you that he and they are NOT in fact SCARY. 

Nope!  No media bias against conservatives here!

Incidentally, the article in the Vancouver Sun, a Canwest Global paper, is the same article as the one in the Ottawa paper about their latest Ipsos-Reid Poll that I blogged about just prior to this entry, in which they wrote that:

”…the poll found the Liberals are in trouble in two key regional battlegrounds: Quebec … and British Columbia, where the Conservatives have suddenly soared in a close three-way contest.”

“This is going to be a barn-burner,” Bricker said of the upcoming campaign.

…and the Vancouver Sun has joined in the battle to burn that Conservative Party barn to the ground, apparently.