Here’s a quick update on PTBC’s return:

First of all, it will.  Progressives, socialists, liberals, and others will be against this.  This is good.

Second: I am not in the mental hospital, or in a regular one, or in jail, or on the lam.  Nor am I on pot, or any other kind of drug, or on the bottle.  Nor am I pregnant (though I’m still trying to figure out that far too big belly o’ mine). 

Third:  I changed my mind and my direction on several issues well into making my initial changes to the site, and this has caused undue delays in retuning to action.  Plus, right in the middle of the changes, I found that the “engine” I use to power the site came out with their long-awaited update to version 2.1, and it would be ridiculous not to update to that version, but this ended up causing me no end of confusion and disruptions within my already overtaxed brain. Now every part of me is overtaxed.  Mostly by governments, but partly by me.  Crickies.

Fourth:  It’s summer, in Canada, where it’s almost always winter.  It’s not freezing cold outside.  And we had to teach our (now one-year-old) puppy how to swim. 

Here’s Sammy learning to swim at Spanish Banks in Vancouver (Sammy is the black blob on left, Jo-Anne coaching on right):
Sammy learning to swim

And here’s some other pictures of me busily working on the site:
Joel on bike Joel drinking beeeer

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