Tweets that go together

We could say “one thing leads to another.” Or we could say “if this, then that.” Or we could say choose Kamala Harris as your VP pick and this is exactly what you get.

Which pairs nicely with this…

The online reaction to Harris’s cult-like idiocy — all negative — was relentless, thank God. There were too many to post here but here’s a couple I liked:

It’s all fun and games until this sort of compelled speech — already a feature in many “progressive” businesses and organizations including all left-wing governments in Canada, not just on this very same pronoun cult but even more commonly the various (forced) “indigenous land acknowledgments,” and more — hits us all, and our freedom is compromised another little bit further.

How did it get this far? By not saying anything. By being meek and polite. The solution is easy. Stop being so meek and polite to people who seek to dominate you and control you and take your freedom away. Call them out loudly and publicly when you hear this cult nonsense. Say no. Tell them to hit the road with their left-wing politics and to stop talking like an idiot. Tell them that in all earnestness you will help them to get the professional — probably psychological — help they need in removing themselves from the hideous cult they apparently belong to.


Maybe she is.

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