Turns out the liberals’ manipulative polls say what they want them to say. Huh.

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The Article

Support for the mission in Afghanistan is officially 81%.  That’s the result I’m going with.  I know, the liberals will be against that.  Liberals don’t care if you tell lies about them and their mischief —it’s when you reveal the truth that they get apoplectic. 

In what might appear to be the obvious to those of us in the sober, sensible set, the liberals’ various polls achieve varying results depending on the questions they ask. 

Well holy major revelations in political science and malicious political manipulation by liberal-leftists and their media, Batman.  Who knew?  (Answer: any high school senior or first-year college student knew).

Support for mission relatively stable: polls

… In fact, what pollsters ask people would appear to have almost as much impact on opinion as what is happening in Afghanistan itself, some analysts say.

When questions in a Defence Department poll emphasized protecting civilians and rebuilding the country, support for the mission shot up.

When asked by Decima Research if they thought the number of Canadian casualties was acceptable, on the other hand, two-thirds of respondents answered in the negative.

[Joel says: SHOCKA!]


In a string of polls for the National Defence Department in late 2006 and early 2007, Ipsos Reid tweaked the questions even further, and found dramatic differences in response.

When the question referred to military operations that help to secure “the environment for the civilian population” through activities “that include combat,” backing shot up to the low 60s.

After a lengthy preamble that said Canada is trying to improve human rights for women and build a more free and democratic society in Afghanistan, another question drew support from 81%

[Joel says:  Where, exactly, was this result reported in the media?  Answer: Nowhere.  No. Where.]

Well you don’t say.

So you mean, when the liberals’ and their media polling firm Strategery Fer Liberal-Left Manipulation and Counseling Survey Collective (or whatever they’re called) calls people up and asks them “How much do you love it when Canadians (who were sent to that bloody awful Bush’s War On So-Called Terror by Harper and Bush And Rove and Cheney to get slaughtered by misunderstood Islamist people), actually get slaughtered?”, and they answer in the negative, that means something? 

Jumpin’ Juhoosifats. 

And in the most lucid thinking of the day award category, we have this conclusion to the story:

It suggests that explaining the purpose of the mission is all-important if the government wants to boost the tepid support among Canadians for the operation, said Alex Morrison of the Canadian Institute for Strategic Studies.

“The polling has indicated to the government that it is not doing a good job of communicating why we are in Afghanistan. The government recognizes that but consistently refuses to do anything about it,” he said.

“Unless the government starts telling Canadians often, frequently, why we are there, I don’t think the numbers will change very much.”

Of course the deceitful liberal media media bears no responsibility here.  None. 

Who’s in charge of communication for the Harper administration?  Fire them. In a very real way, it’s in our national interest to fire them.


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