[dropcap]T[/dropcap]rump Tower Vancouver: the ever-so objective and trustworthy media “reported” that the number of protesters organized by two different left-wing groups and their web sites could climb into the thousands. Thousands. For example the Globe and Mail’s Frances Bula reported, “About 2,000 people have indicated on each site they are interested in attending.” And the media (generally) kept reporting that the massive protest was going to happen. Over and over. At some point it isn’t “news,” it’s a promotion.

They were all on scene with multiple reporters and cameras, tweeting the minute by minute action.

As I watched it unfold, perhaps 50 actual protesters showed up, the rest being media (but perhaps I repeat myself), security, and even some pro-Trump folks.

Gorgeous building — maybe the nicest building in Vancouver — a city full of ugly, mostly old, cheap-looking buildings.

Designed by the famed architect Arthur Erickson, as possibly his last major building design before his passing.

Owned and built by a family from Malaysia — a Muslim country for those of you on the left who are into identity politics, and we all know you are.

Its lobby is adorned with artwork featuring a major piece by a Mexican-born female artist Miriam Aroeste, from Vancouver, again for those of you on the left who are into identity politics.

The building employs over 300 locals, after employing hundreds during construction. Some are likely unionized too!

Construction costs were about a third of a billion dollars, largely benefitting the local community.

Taxes on the property will yield the city millions over its lifetime, to say nothing of the income taxes and other taxes (and there are lots, and lots, and lots of taxes in Vancouver, BC, Canada).

But yeah, protest it. Idiots.

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