Trudeau: Thanks for covering for me, reporter. “I appreciate it.”

One snippet of yesterday’s round of the Justin Trudeau apology tour particularly struck me — which was hard because I was being struck a lot by Trudeau in the past couple days.

A reporter from one of his news media divisions — I’m not sure which one: CTV, CBC, Globe and Mail, I don’t know — asked an insufferably gentle question wrapped in a big fluffy puffball which was further enveloped in a giant marshmallow the size of a watermelon, which referred to Trudeau’s “wearing makeup.” Yes, folks, “makeup,” like any sycophantic reporter from the Liberals’ news media division would frame the question about what they never usually hesitate to tell us in an overtly “racist” act like wearing BLACKFACE.

That occurred right about a day after I got sick and tired of the media continuously whitewashing the scandal for the second day, and calling it “makeup” and “brownface” and, as I joked, “The Ottawa Makeup Drama,” and any other softening of the deed they could think of for their frat boy.

It was Trudeau himself who “called-out” the reporter:

“I appreciate you calling it makeup, but it was blackface. And that is just not right,” Trudeau said.

He did “appreciate” the reporter’s perfidy in calling it “makeup,” so it’s all good in mannersland.

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