Trudeau, eject your Senator Woo from our Canadian Senate

The Canadian Senate — your Canadian Senate — has the power to throw out a senator from the appointed chamber, as long as a majority of Senators approve of the expulsion. And a majority should in this case. Post haste. 

Somebody should go. Either Justin Trudeau for making this egregious, horrible choice for appointment to the senate, or Liberal Senator Yuen Pau Woo, the one whom he handpicked for that role, for some reason; and who then started trashing my country by seriously comparing it to damned Communist China.

Woo wagged his finger at Canadians and warned us that we have no right to criticize communist China, which you know is engaged in a genocide against Uyghur Muslims, and which, besides that, is a murderous communist dictatorship that, unlike Canada, has one of the world’s worst human rights records which it refuses to acknowledge, and, also unlike Canada, is a country that is truly (not fake, as in the way all liberals falsely claim like the useful idiots they are) racist, truly homophobic, truly transphobic, truly Islamophobic, and to their great discredit, anti-free market and anti-democratic, among other negative attributes. Also, Woo, there’s this so-called (for some reason) “Covid” thing that has had a rather negative effect on some folks. You ass.

Possibly the worst pick for senator in Canada’s history, Liberal Senator Yuen Pau Woo is setting out to claim a moral equivalence between Canada and China — in fact, China, he seems to claim if I’m reading him correctly, is deemed by him (and who the hell is he again?) as being a more worthy country, because of their… democracy. Yeah. Huh?

Even our own version of China state media, the state-owned CBC, seemed to have trouble explaining-away this idiot’s brainfarts:

CBC reporting:
…He said the Chinese are happy with their form of “democracy,” pointing to a recent poll from an organization called Alliance of Democracies, a pro-democracy group led by former NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The poll suggested that a majority of respondents from China are generally content with their system of government. In fact, Woo said, most Chinese poll respondents were happier with their political system than Canadians are with theirs. …

Woo seems disinterested in the fact that China’s communist authorities and police enforce the open, public embrace of communism, as phony as any sane person knows it surely is. Perhaps he’s simply an idiot. Or a liar. Or a communist. Or all of these things.

Again, even the state-owned CBC had to interject here with a bit of a reality check:

Most experts agree China, an authoritarian country run by the Chinese Communist Party’s politburo, is not a democracy.

“Most experts,” yes, and also most every free human who has more brains than a toaster, over the age of eight.

And see if this sentence about Woo reminds us of Justin Trudeau himself, who once said that he, too, “most admires” China’s “basic dictatorship.”

Woo, who leads the ISG, a group primarily composed of Trudeau appointees to the upper house, said Western-style democracy doesn’t always produce positive outcomes and there is something to be said for the Chinese system, which he maintains can quickly produce results for its people, like strong economic growth.

Dear God, man. Get some sense. And get out of my Canadian Senate.

Maybe they should both go. In fact I’m sure of it.

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