Trudeau Blackface — Points du Jour

I’ve always felt the same on this issue. I have not changed. But I am torn between playing this game by the awful “woke,” cancel-culture, shame-game rules the left has set on the one hand (this would require some massive play-acting), or maintaining my principles (which would require massive, possibly trauma-inducing tongue-biting).

Brilliant takes on that line of thinking:

The most objective analysis you’ll hear on this. – Ben Shapiro’s always excellent podcast (I’d call it a must hear every single day) focussed on this for the first half or so, yesterday. I’ll forgive him for missing the point about the left’s cancel culture and how it could be argued it should apply against Trudeau, and for missing the hypocrisy factor here, since Ben doesn’t live here and doesn’t know the extent of the lies and hypocrisy (not that he’d learn about through our news media).

This point was raised in pithy fashion by Piers Morgan of all people:

Tucker Carlson went full Tucker on Trudeau. Follow-up interviews (especially the one with pocaster Jeff Rubin) further exemplifies the correct view on this. Here they both are:


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